16x15x10 mm

High stability low power miniature OCXOs
The МХО37 series utilizes the internal heating resonator (IHR) technology incorporating the whole oven system together with the crystal plate inside the TO-8 vacuum holder. Such OCXO concept results in radical reduction of its volume, power consumption and warm-up time. The novel MXO37/8P version differs from the basic MXO37/8 model by improved oscillator circuitry providing essentially better temperature stability at the same miniature sizes, extremely low power consumption and low phase-noise level.
Basic electrical parameters
Miniature DIP8 sizes
Very low power consumption (to 130mW at +25°C)
High frequency stability (to ± 5 ppb over -40°C to 85°C)
Very fast warming-up (to 30 s)
Very low phase-noise level (-172 dBc/Hz, floor)
Low aging (to 0.1ppb/day, 0.15ppm/year)
Fundamental operation at up to 150 MHz
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Best achievable phase noise

10 MHz16.384 MHz20 MHz25 MHz40 MHz50 MHz62 MHz100 MHz131.6 MHz141.42 MHz