22x15x10 mm

Ultra Low Power Hign Frequency High Stability Miniature OCXO
The MX037H/14 series like the other MXO37 series utilizes the internally heated resonator technology (IHR) providing very low power consumption, miniature sizes and fast warming up. Usage of the internal multiplication of frequency (by 3 or 5) enables extension of the operational frequencies up to 300 MHz and improvement as compared to the MXO37 series of the temperature stability and aging rate in 30-150 MHz range.
Basic electrical parameters
Very low power consumption - to 0.18W at +25°C
14 DIP compatible sizes and pins-out
Extended to 300 MHz frequency range (multiplication is used)
Up to 1x10-8 temperature stability in (-40...+85)°C at 100 MHz
Very low aging – to 50 ppb/year at 100 MHz
Low Allan variance, 1s 1x10-11
Fast warming up - to 30 s
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Best achievable phase noise

100 MHz x 5160 MHz x 5 200 MHz x 5250 MHz x 5