20x20x13 mm

Ultra-high stability miniature OCXO series
The MXODR series utilizes the high precision internally heated resonator (IHR) ovenized along with the oscillator circuitry by additional outer temperature control system that provides for the OCXOs superb temperature stability at miniature volume and low power consumption. The OCXOs operate in 5 - 100 MHz range with multiplication of frequency at above 24 MHz
Basic electrical parameters
Operational frequency range: 5 - 100 MHz
Temperature stability at 10 MHz in (-40 +80)⁰C: to 0.1 ppb
Aging at 10 MHz: to 0.1 ppb/day and 20 ppb/year
Allan variance at 10 MHz, 1 s: to 1.5x10-12
Power consumption: < 1.2W
Input voltage: 3.3 V or 5V
Output waveform: CMOS, sine wave
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Best achievable phase noise

10 MHz16.384 MHz20 MHz100 MHz x 5