26x26x11 мм

Low phase-noise series
The MXOC series comprises high stability OCXO designs packaged in a variety of standard small cases. The oscillators operate in 5 - 150 MHz frequency range (on the fundamental mode) providing high frequency stability at very low phase-noise level and phase jitter.
Basic electrical parameters
Operational frequency range: 5 - 150 MHz (fundamental)
Temperature stability at 10 MHz in (-40 +85)⁰C: to 1 ppb
Aging at 10 MHz: to 0.15 ppb/day and 20 ppb/year
Allan variance at  1 s: to 5E-12
G-sensitivity (worst direction): to 0.5 ppb/g
Power consumption: < 1.2W
Input voltage: 3.3V, 5V or 12 V
Output waveform: CMOS, sine wave
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Best achievable phase noise

10 MHz16.384 MHz20 MHz25 MHz32.768 MHz40 MHz62 MHz100 MHz125 MHz131.6 MHz141.42 MHz141.42 MHz150 MHz