High stability high frequency ultra low power OCXO
The МХО37H/R series utilizes the internal heated resonator technology (IHR) providing very small oscillator volume, less than 0.18W power consumption and fast warming up. Usage of the internal multiplication of frequency (by 3 or 5) enables to the oscillators extension of the operational frequencies up to 300 MHz and improvement of the temperature stability and aging rate in 30-150 MHz range. Being enclosed in hermetically sealed steel packaging the МХО37/R oscillators are intended for employment in harsh environmental conditions (100% humidity, high or low pressure, etc.) and are excellent solution for various portable or (and) battered systems.
Basic electrical parameters
Low power consumption: 0.13W at +25°C
High temperature stability: up to 1 ppb (over -40+80°C)
Low aging: 0.5 ppb/day, 50 ppb/year (at 100 MHz)
Low Allan Variance: 5e-12/at 1s
Fast warming-up: <90 s
Wide frequency range: 30 – 300 MHz
Hermetically sealed miniature steel package
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100 MHz50 MHz20 MHz10 MHz