35x27x11 мм

High frequency series
The MXOH series comprises high stability OCXO designs operating at up to 300 MHz frequency and packaged in a variety of standard small cases. The high frequency operation is realized with internal multiplication circuitry that provides to the oscillators excellent STS, high temperature stability and low aging rate.
Basic electrical parameters
Operational frequency range: 30 - 300 MHz
Temperature stability at 100 MHz in (-40 +85)⁰C: to 3 ppb
Aging at 100 MHz: to 0.5 ppb/day and 50 ppb/year
Allan variance at 1 s: to 1E-11
Power consumption: < 1.2W
Sub-harmonics level: -40 dBc
Input voltage: 3.3 V, 5V or 12V
Output waveform: CMOS, sine wave
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Best achievable phase noise

100 MHz x 5160 MHz x 5200 MHz x 5250 MHz x 5