15x15x9.5 mm

High stability low power miniature OCXOs
The МХО37 series utilizes the internal heating resonator (IHR) technology incorporating the whole oven system together with the crystal plate inside the TO-8 vacuum holder. Such OCXO concept results in radical reduction of its volume, power consumption and warm-up time. The novel MXO37/14P version differs from the basic MXO37/14 model by improved oscillator circuitry providing essentially better temperature stability at the same miniature sizes, extremely low power consumption and low phase-noise level.
Basic electrical parameters
Miniature DIP8 sizes
Very low power consumption (to 130mW at +25°C)
High frequency stability (to ± 5 ppb over -40°C to 85°C)
Very fast warming-up (to 30 s)
Very low phase-noise level (-172 dBc/Hz, floor)
Low aging (to 0.1ppb/day, 0.15ppm/year)
Fundamental operation at up to 150 MHz
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